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This is the first time I read about John's heroin addiction and withdrawals, that's sad. General Comment "My mother was of the sky.

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I am of the universe". General Comment great blues beat. Just another example of the versatility of the beatles. General Comment obviously about suicide. Philadelphia Eagles. General Comment This song isn't about suicide.

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

Actually it's about John's heroin addiction. When he was going through withdrawls it was painful and made him miserable, so instead of taking drugs he'd write songs As an ex heroin addict other addicts in recovery might have a negative opinion of the use of the prefix ex to heroin addict, but, im entitled to my opinion as well, and have been clean for 3 years.

I agree with SpongeBunny. I have held the belief his addiction was inspiration for this song since I was kicking dope for the first time.

Yer Blues (Remastered 2018)

I am named after John and have listened to his music my entire life so my perspective of this song, just like everything else in life has changed, but the meaning of this song sticks out like a sore thumb, when i think of the "good" feeling it gave me, i think of this song. Jones" Is very, very deep and meaningful, and can never be fully understood, because nobody except Dylan really knows what he was writing Ballad of a Thin Man about, he has given insight, but not the full story.

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So my opinion "The eagle picks my eye, the worm he licks my bone" when an addict, and i can imagine especially a rock star addict, everyone is using you and leading you on for their own gain reguardless of your well being. Eagle being people of high society and worm being people of low society. Jones:" OK, so Dylan says he wrote this about thousands of reporters constantly asking him questions and being tired of that. Let a persons life speak for itself he continues.

Lennon experience the same type of relentless questioning.

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  • Rolling Stones Prep Remastered ‘Rock and Roll Circus’ Box Set;
  • Yer Blues (#1).

Retired rocket scientist and part-time brain surgeon. Ok, I also took some time out four years! Continued a radio career in Seattle and southern California. Streaming radio and assorted podcasting keeps me busy. What a strange trip it's been and continues to be! Upon close listening to 'take five,' which was eventually released in , it appears that the first two verses of 'take five,' complete with John's introductory countdown, were edited onto the remainder of 'take six' up to the point of the guitar solos.

At this point, 'take five' was edited back in to utlize the excellent guitar solos of both John and George. Therefore, since portions of two 'takes' were being chosen for the finished rhythm track, two reduction mixes were required to open up an additional track for overdubbing purposes on each take.

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Both of these reduction mixes were then edited together to form the usable rhythm track to overdub other elements onto track four, this edited track being called the new 'take This edit piece was noted as "Intro on end" on the original tape box. As Mark Lewisohn 's book "The Beatles Recording Sessions" indicates: "For the first time on a Beatles recording, the original four-track tape was itself edited editing was usually done only at the two-track quarter-inch tape stage , bringing the beginning of take 17 onto the end of take After the edit was completed, it was am and time to end the session for the day.

After the vocals were sung, the remainder of track four was filled with an added snare drum from Ringo, which began at on the recording. Onto track three, they re-inserted both John and George's excellent lead guitar solos from 'take five' but this time adding ADT "Artificial Double Tracking" with the same 'wobble' effect used on various " White Album " tracks, such as " While My Guitar Gently Weeps ," which was accomplished by an engineer "wobbling the oscillator," as producer Chris Thomas described it.

Four attempts were made at getting the perfect mono mix, the third try being the best. In the process, they added some "slap-back" echo onto John's vocals throughout the song, something John used a lot during his solo career years later. The last section of the song was manually faded out on this mono mix since it was actually a performance of the beginning of the song that went on for quite a while. The session finally ended at around am the following morning.

Rolling Stones Plot ‘Rock and Roll Circus’ Box Set – Rolling Stone

It has been stipulated that Ringo called out a countdown for the song that was to be edited onto the beginning of the finished track. However, upon listening to the unadulterated 'take five,' as included in the Super Deluxe " White Album " box set in , it was John's original countdown from this take that was used on the finished recording and not this attempt at an overdub by Ringo. One slight recording of the song deserves to be mentioned here, one apparently done sometime in November of The Beatles owed their official fan club another Christmas message for but did not want to be bothered to assemble in EMI Studios to record one.

Disc jockey Kenny Everett was sequestered to tape separate messages from each Beatle and assemble them all into a recording that could be pressed and distributed to their fan club members in Britain and the U. George's message was taped from a telephone call to America where he was busy producing the first Jackie Lomax album, and both John and Paul's contributions were taped individually at their respective homes. It was just a great experience. I thought, 'Wow! It's fun with other people,' you know.

I did 'Yer Blues' and then Yoko came on and did her blues. The lyrics in question had actually come from a ripped-up poster taken from the ' White Album. Just give me time to get a band together. We left the next morning. On the airplane we're running through these oldies. Song Structure and Style. At first blush, the structure of "Yer Blues" seems quite complicated but, upon further examination, it actually only consists of nine verses or aaaaaaaaa , each containing twelve measures hence, a "twelve-bar-blues".

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However, with John Lennon's eccentric sense of timing, various interesting things happen along the way. The ninth measure shows both George and John gearing up with guitar phrases in preparation for the above mentioned harmonized guitar run in the tenth measure that follows, this being the signature of the majority of the verses in the song.

Then comes the third verse which alters the structure significantly from the first two. During the breaks John sings his startling lyric lines in typical old-style blues fashion with the instrumental accents baiting him along. This is followed by the remaining eight measures of the verse being identical in scope to the first two, John excitedly adding some extra triplet-like guitar chops throughout and Paul reprising his harmony in measure ten.

The fourth verse is a virtual repeat of the third except for the different set of lyrics in the first four measures. Full instrumentation ensues thereafter, Ringo loudly riding on his cymbal and John bashing away on rhythm guitar while George timidly fumbles through some ad-lib lead guitar phrases. John also finishes out his usual lyrics, screamed out somewhat awkwardly because of the time signature change.

Two concurrent instrumental verses follow, numbered six and seven, the first being highlighted by John's interesting syncopated guitar solo which was treated to a healthy dose of ADT. The second of these verses, which would be the seventh, feature George's screeching guitar solo, which is also drenched with ADT while a lumbering ad-lib solo John is heard in the background. Two full instrumental verses from this take are heard here in the mono mix faded out during the fifth measure in the stereo mix with John's subtle guide vocal heard quite clearly throughout.