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The business is fed, we're dying the death, we can't sell records, and this will have to retail at twice the normal price. It's suicide. But in , not even the head of Fleetwood Mac's record company could stop them from doing whatever they wanted. Neither could they stop a troubled narrative from being woven around the album's eventual success.

Listen to Fleetwood Mac Perform 'Tusk'.

Given its length, its ambition, and its much clucked-over million-dollar cost -- not to mention the mountains of rock-star excess that sprung up around Fleetwood Mac during an epic Tusk tour that included specially painted hotel rooms for singer Stevie Nicks and no shortage of on-stage tension -- the record came to be regarded as a weird, costly tumble from the dizzying heights of Rumours.

Unsurprisingly, the band members took issue with this point of view. One of the reasons why Tusk cost so much is that we happened to be at a studio that was charging a f of a lot of money," Buckingham pointed out. It didn't cost so much because we were in a cheaper studio. There's no denying what it cost, but I think it's been taken out of context. Fleetwood also insisted in a Trouser Press interview that change was part of the band's legacy. We've always changed a lot whether or not players have changed," he said.

But it meant a lot to us, artistically -- whether we could still feel challenged. We really, really are pleased with it. We've also, I think, got enough discretion to know if the songs aren't up to standard, in which case we'd have just put out a single album. But a lot of people gave us flak about that album.

It's very different, very different, very Lindsey Buckingham. I'll have to say that. He was going through some musical experiments at the time. Then, when it became apparent that it wasn't going to sell 15 million albums, the attitude started to change -- which was sad for me in a way, because it makes me wonder where everyone's priorities are," Buckingham later admitted to Record.

That's not really the point of doing it. The point is to shake people's preconceptions about pop.

None of that helped curb Buckingham's restless artistic appetites, and before the end of the '80s, he was out of the band, temporarily off to pursue wilder and less commercially friendly solo vistas. Today, it's widely regarded as one of the more interesting and artistically sounding albums in Fleetwood Mac's catalog, and all those out-there moments that perplexed Rumours fans have been hailed as influential by a widening circle of younger bands. In time, Buckingham would return to Fleetwood Mac, but the way it was perceived -- and the lasting demand for Rumours -style Mac product -- left a lasting impression on his career.

Had we all wanted the same thing for the same reason, I probably never would have made solo albums.

Fleetwood Mac- Mirage Tour 1982

Motley Crue vs. Home News. The band and John McVie in particular has seemed fond of penguin imagery. OK, thanks. Makes a lot of sense, and obviously I'm not a FM fan. But I appreciate the lasting power of their music. I like their graphics. Welcome Southern Cross. I can totally understand the confusion for those longtime fans. Then to have the replacements ushered in so quickly after the news again not being able to see what was happening behind the scenes..

What It’s Really All About

I am sure it might be a while before it all sinks in. I am not a great fan of FM but am aware of their legend status in the US. To me Neil accepting the new gig was a surprise but not that surprising as it is something I could imagine him doing. Don't know if I should but I'm just gonna say it. If it gets back to them and I get banned I don't really care!

But the Ledge is not a friendly forum, there are a number of trolls in main section whose sole purpose being there seems to be bashing particular members of the music group, being very negative etc. It's been that way for a long time and some of them are rarely offline. Quite sad really but that's their lives.

I'm still a member after 3 years, so I'm used to it, but I'm not a big participant. I think a lot of people just get fed up and stop visiting. I took a long break but evidently, nothing much has changed. Any sort of abuse of the band and its members is allowed. They're not even a FM fan board. But they deleted many comments last month that were very similar to those that get a pass on the Ledge forum, for being 'viral propaganda'!

I tend to stick with the sub forums, such as the 'Post-Rumours' one.


For now anyway. I may have to look for something better After a couple of weeks on The Ledge, I sadly agree. There is one person there, in particular, who is basically a bully going around using profanities against the band members and others on the forum. It is really sad that the moderators allow this sort of behavior because it keeps good people off the site. My last comment on the matter - I think it's time for me to leave that forum permanently. Have found a group on FB to follow this new chapter of the band's history.

Gl to anyone else. I didn't realise at first but the main mod of the Ledge forum is explicity opposed to the change, is very angry at Mick Fleetwood right now, and has openly said so. Of course there are understandable upset feelings, but I don't view that as being reasonable excuse for some of the rude and disrespectful behaviour, character assassination around in general etc. As I've said however it's nothing new and has been going on for so many years it's now very tired and ad nauseum.

Personally, it's not for me. LB will remain perhaps my favourite guitar player of all time but my feelings about him otherwise are so mixed. Over time I've just learned to accept that some of our favourite artists will have their faults and shortcomings as human beings.

I won't always defend LB however after some of what I now know about him and has been well documented. Really, it's amazing they lasted as long as they did together. A lot more I could say but I won't stoop to that level.

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I kind of wish there would be more clarification on some things but that's for the band to deal with. I better leave it there now. Next step for me is awaiting some of the actual results of this new collaboration. Then I decide how I feel. This Facebook group might be the best option for fans of the new Fleetwood Mac incarnation. I've posted a couple of things there so far and haven't been shot down. The main admin is somewhat of a nazi, in the sense that he doesn't appear to allow any criticism of the new line-up, but that may be what some Neil Finn fans are after.

I did up a photo collage a couple of years ago for Neil's 58th birthday, and decided to share it to this new Fleetwood Mac group on Neil's 60th birthday a couple of days ago. It got a couple of positive comments and likes, so all is well so far. Hope this helps! You may not be interested in it - it's a closed Stevie Nicks group and really focused on her. The admin of the group is not allowing any abuse between members or at any people in the band current or past.

That includes Lindsey - and I'm quite happy with that. I think folks are just waiting to see what the group may do together.

I probably should've made a switch like this sooner but am thinking at least some of the more open minded people where I've been have had some introduction to Neil and perhaps more idea where to start with him.