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Purchase Our Style Pack Now. Remember Me? Straight Dope Message Board. FAQ Calendar. Work-around for the inability to embed fonts in Mac PowerPoint? My vehement distaste for PowerPoint burns with the heat of a thousand suns, but, alas, it is the tool I am forced to use to create a very straightforward presentation that will run during a banquet. Each slide will have the honoree's photo and some text. Everything is static -- no animations or fancy transitions -- and the slides will be advanced by a human being.

From what I have found by googling, it appears there is no way to embed fonts in the Mac version to circumvent font issues.

If this method is not a good strategy, is there some other way to go about it? You can set it to run in Full Screen mode. PM me if you want pointers or troubleshooting. I used to teach InDesign.

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Embedding fonts

That way, as noted, my presentations can travel on a thumb drive without caring what computer or version of PowerPoint they're running on. I can't correct a typo or make other minor changes without repeating the process. First off, if you use a Mac version of Office, you can skip the rest of this page. Mac PowerPoint can't embed fonts, and it can't use fonts that have been embedded by a Windows version of PowerPoint.

That's a real pity and a real impediment to cross-platform compatibility.

Step 1 – Find your own font

Note that this applies to fonts with an. OTF extension. TTF extension. These may be embeddable. Read on for more information. You can also look at the icon to the left of the font in PowerPoint's font listbox.

If there are aspersions to be cast, throw 'em my way. Mac versions of PowerPoint can't embed fonts or use fonts that have been embedded by a Windows version of PowerPoint. If you need to distribute a presentation that includes PostScript font data, consider saving it as PDF, either using the built-in feature in PowerPoint and later or using Adobe Acrobat or one of the other PDF-making programs. The result won't be an editable presentation, but it'll display text in your chosen fonts. And not all TrueType fonts are embeddable.

The font's maker can assign one of four different levels of embeddability:. PowerPoint cannot embed non-embeddable fonts. If you try to embed them, you'll see an error message explaining that some fonts cannot be saved with the presentation. In later versions of PowerPoint, you'll also see a list of the fonts that can't be embedded. Embedding a font that's Editable or Installable saves all or some of the characters from the font within the presentation.

When you open the presentation on a computer that doesn't have the font, the text displays correctly. You can edit the text, add more text in the same font, and save the changes with the font still embedded. However, if the font was embedded using a more recent version of PowerPoint, the user may have chosen the option to embed only the characters used.

This embeds only a partial font, one that includes only some characters; you probably won't be able to edit the text satisfactorily using this font. Embedding an Edit-embeddable font will not install the font on the computer, so you will not be able to use that font in any other presentations or other programs. Embedding an Install-embeddable font actually installs the font on the computer when you open the document that contains it.

The font will stay installed and will be usable in other presentations and in other programs.

  • Step 2 – Install the font on your computer?
  • Don't risk a slide show nightmare: Save fonts with your PowerPoint presentations?
  • Follow these guidelines.

These are fairly rare. You won't be able to edit it. You won't be able to save it, even to a new name. There's a bit more info here: PowerPoint opens presentations as Read Only, won't allow editing when fonts embedded. It basically allows what the name implies: This doesn't just apply to the text using the embedded font; you can't make any changes to anything in the presentation.

Actually, that's not quite accurate; in some versions, you can make all the changes you want, but you cannot save them. If you try to save the presentation after making changes, you will not be allowed to re-embed the font.


Embedding fonts

Once you open the presentation on a machine that doesn't have the font installed, you can't save any changes without losing the embedded font. If the presentation will be edited by others, it's best to choose a different font, one that allows Edit or Install embedding. How do I know what's embeddable and what's not? You may be wondering how you're supposed to know what embedding "level" a font has. If you bought the TrueType font, your original license may tell you.

If you embed a font, you're adding font information to your presentation file, so the file will get bigger. If you embed lots of fonts in a presentation, you will start to notice that your file is large.

How to Use Mac Fonts in PowerPoint Presentations

You may also be wondering why you should bother with embedding at all--why not just send the font file along with the presentation and have the person install it? Sending the file along with your PowerPoint presentation is like sending your client or whomever the PowerPoint CD so they can install the application. When you buy a font, you buy the right to use it on your own computer.

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