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This is a short post about upgrading subversion. Like I said, mac osx comes with a subversion client out of the box. At least Leopard does. If you do not believe me, try the following command and watch the output:. This is not the most recent version of subversion.

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That comes with performance as well as use ability problems. I am not going into details here. The biggest problem to me is that I use Versions and IntelliJ with subversion 1. Now my command line client does not work anymore. This is a problem for some of the maven projects. Therefore I want to upgrade the commandline subversion client. I was surprised that there are almost no resources on the web to do this without installing other libraries.

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But I found a pretty easy way. Execute the following steps:. Those are the most important steps.


If you do this in a terminal and execute the svn —version again you get the following output. That worked, the version is now 1. If you do not want to execute this command every time you need it, you can add it to you. If you need more info on how to do just that, you can find a good explenation here.

Using macports to update subversion client is a good idea. Its a one step process. Installing macports is a prerequisite, but it will help installing many other packages like tomcat, mysql etc. I hate the way OS X comes with these things and when you want to update then you have 2 versions. Python is the same way.

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We're doing this so that we can host multiple repositories if we elect to do so. There are two key things you need to do to make all this work:.

How To Access SVN Respositories on OSX With Finder

Now, we need to tell Apache to activate Subversion and how to access the repository. Go to the Apache config directory:.

Getting Subversion under MacPorts

Note that this is the world's simplest Subversion access configuration. It is meant only to be used to help verify that your installation is working properly. Older versions of Subversion didn't seem to care about the trailing slash, but versions 1. It becomes an issue if you need to use an access control file to control access within the repository.

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  • So it's best to set things up correctly now, otherwise there will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth later on. To start, I would try a stable binary from CollabNet. If that link fails to work, you may try a binary from the Fink Package Database using Fink.

    I googled subversion-client Learn more about Teams. Ask Question.

    Asked 9 years ago. Active 7 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 3k times. IAdapter At present, the publicly available SVN binary installers are all geared towards Gabriel Hurley Gabriel Hurley Thank you so much for this! I installed Fink and downloaded the svn-client, but it won't let me install the svn-slient-ssl which I need to access my project on Google Project Hosting.