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Now multiplayer. Local multiplayer stabbing game for PC, Mac, Linux. The world's only open source, moddable, roguelike MMO. Play in browser. Rexuiz FPS.

Best free games 12222: the top free games to download on PC

Awesome mix of Quake and Unreal Tournament games. Last Man Standing. Giraffes Volleyball Championship Mike Farlenkov. Boss Bashing Button Brawlers. Smash bosses with your friends, using only one button. Online multiplayer game for players. Cameron McHenry. Normal Human Face Simulator. Local 2-player face-biting simulation. Lingdong Huang. Multiplayer parkour FPS Alpha 0. Multiplayer Parkour FPS test level. Enrique Alcazar. Don't Bite Me Bro! Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. Paddle Force.

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Two player fast-paced pong-like with powerups set in space. Head It! Crush your friends or enemies in Head It!

The best free and free-to-play games on Valve's store.

Also it's cute. Sam Luangkhot. Handgun Hoedown. Local multiplayer hoedown with handguns. Age of Conquest IV. Age of Conquest is a turn-based grand strategy wargame. Mechanical Difficulties Pre-Alpha. Venomite Studios. It's the future, you're stuck in a train station, and everything is weird.

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Chat with the station's odd inhabitants and explore its twisted side passages to discover surreal little anecdotes and piece together meaning from the assembled scraps. It only takes about half an hour to complete and the music is sweet, so give it a download. Dota 2 is one of the biggest games on Steam. Described simply, two teams of five wizards battle to knock over towers and flatten the enemy base in battles that tend to last between 30 minutes and an hour. In practice it's one of the deepest and most complicated competitive games in the world.

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  • The free-to-play implementation is mostly good. Most microtransactions are tied to cosmetics. In addition to individual item purchases you can also buy battle passes that grant access to modes, quests that you complete by playing games, and more cosmetic items.

    This third person action RPG about futuristic ninjas can be completely baffling for new players, but if you persist with it you'll find a deep and rewarding game on the verge of some of its most ambitious updates to date. At launch it was a game about repeating short missions—and that's still part of it—but there are also open world zones and plans to add co-op space combat. Warframe has been getting better and better in the last few years, and now we reckon it's one of the best free to play games on PC. You can spend real money to speed up crafting time, and to buy items and frames outright.

    Everything is perfectly craftable using in-game currency however, and players seem more interested in using the real-money Platinum currency to unlock new colour schemes. Card Hunter is a cute squad RPG based around digital collectible cards.

    There's loads to play before you ever see a payment screen and there are also co-op and competitive modes. If only more free-to-play games were like this. This team shooter has been around since , but the character designs are timeless and the class design is still magnificent. Few shooters can point to a class as innovative as The Spy, who can disguise himself as an opposing team to sabotage their gadgets and stab their heavies in the back.

    If you prefer long-range engagements, the sniper has you covered, or you can ambush enemies up close with the Pyro. Whatever your play style, there's a class to match, and with enough play you will be switching between classes frequently to help your team push the cart or take a tricky point.

    Path of Exile is one of the deepest action RPGs on the market, and one of the most generous for being free-to-play. The basic structure ought to be familiar: pick a class and embark on Diablo-style killing sprees to earn loot and level up. There's a huge amount of class and item customisation to dig into as you start to move past the tutorial stages. Slot different patterns of gems into your armour sets to min-max your character and take them into even tougher dungeons. You only need to pay money for cosmetics that reskin your weapons and armour.

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    Link: EVE Online. This space MMO is famous for producing incredible stories of war and betrayal. Its player-driven corporations are fraught political entities that can be very inaccessible to new players. Even if you don't persist long enough to break into the grand PvP game it's still a gorgeous universe full of beautiful spaceships and nebulae. Some ships and skills are locked off in the free-to-play version, but you can spend a huge amount of time in the game before you need to look at paying for premium access.

    Fly ships, gather a crew, and beam down to planets with an away team in this massive free-to-play MMO. It has aged quite a bit since launch and it's riddled with microtransactions, but you can still play through the story and see every side of the game without paying. If you do get drawn in to collecting high end ships and decking out your crew with signature Star Trek livery then expect to pay for it.

    You can grind for items using in-game currency, but for advance items that will take longer than seems reasonable. If you're looking for a free Star Trek experience, however, it's surprisingly fun. Link: Realm Royale. If you like the idea of Fortnite but can't stand building, then Realm Royale might be your next battle royale game.

    It's still in Early Access, but there are enough features to separate it from Fortnite which isn't on Steam , and paid-for battle royale games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Realm Royale has a fantasy element with five classes and different spells and abilities for each. Hunters can leave proximity mines, while mages can heal themselves with ice magic. It's perfectly playable at this stage in Early Access, but expect it to evolve a lot in the coming months. An arena-based top-down brawler with shooting, spells and a colourful art style.