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With a stereo setup, the HomePod pair does a great job of filling the room with sound in such a way that makes you think the two HomePods are actually one stereo speaker coming from the center of the two units. But stereo output is intentionally reserved for music and podcast playback and not all audio output. For example, Siri only responds on a single HomePod, not both in sync.

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Siri seems to favor the speaker that you last physically touched. Phone calls are also limited to one HomePod in stereo. My guess is that this is because only one HomePod uses its microphones for the phone call, but I would prefer both speakers to always play audio in stereo when paired. First, TV speakers are often optimized for movie playback and not music playback. Second is volume control.

HomePod volume ranges 0 through Simple as that. But Apple TV speakers have their own independent volume levels, then the AirPlay 2 source also has a separate volume slider.

How to: Fix Apple TV Refusing to Play Sound through HomePod

If you need an alternative, consider peer-to-peer AirPlay. Before doing any next steps, check and see if you are running the latest version of iOS or macOS. Click Download and Install if you need to update. When you renew your lease, your iDevice searches for a new IP address on your network. Leases on IP addresses also run out—this is normal behavior. Renewing leases helps to kickstart your device back into your WiFi network.

The solution

A corrupted iTunes installation often leads to problems with AirPlay so try reinstalling iTunes. To reinstall iTunes, download it from Apple Downloads. Once downloaded, install it and then restart both your Mac and Apple TV. And take a look if AirPlay is available and working again. Open activity monitor to see what processes are using high percentages of your CPU.

See if AirPlay now works. Unfortunately, this is a temporary fix, when you restart or shut down your computer, this problem returns, and you have to repeat the steps above. Most computers, iDevices, and other WiFi-enabled devices get reassigned an IP address every time you boot them. So no more checking! Third-party apps that open during start-up are often the cause of AirPlay problems. Restart your Mac.

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And see if Airplay is working again for mirroring and iTunes. We created a detailed video guide on our Youtube channel to walk you through the step by step process of troubleshooting your Airplay Problems. Please click on our Video below for more information:. He is based out of Los Angeles, CA. In a former life, Sudz worked helping Fortune companies with their technology and business transformation aspirations. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The most recent update in June 7. It works fine again now. Trying to airp;ay from an Ipadpro to an LG tv.

Picture and sound for about 1 minute then sound goes away?????? First, make sure both devices use the same WiFi Network and Band 2. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPad and if available, on your TV. Here is a solution you missed.

How to Make the Most of Apple’s New AirPlay 2

Change the system date on your computer and backdate the machine to a time when Airplay with iTunes worked. It appears the iTunes tracks the system date in order to Airplay to the device such as a third party streamer or receiver I had this issue with some Denon Equipment. After a few years when the device was licensed for Airplay compatibility, the device will no longer connect using Airplay.

This is not due to some overhaul of software. Think about all the electronic trash sent to the dump because some manufacturer stops the code from working after a few years. Two things: 1 You are a true scholar and a gentleman 2 YOU. I have an iPod Touch 4th Gen. Not a cheap gadget.

I have also had for a good number of years. All of a sudden this iPod no longer wants to play to the speaker. I had been making some changes to my network, additional devices, a firmware update to the Zeppelin fairly recently, etc. After much hacking, I stumbled on your post, gave the date thing a try and — hey Presto — it works. Turning it back stops the playing. Not quite the Volkswagen emissions scandal, but not far off!!! Is there any way to have AirPlay not pop to the front of the screen when I am working on it? I have a presentation Keynote that is on the screen and I occasionally need to flip to the AirPlay screen and back to show different features of a couple of apps.

How to use HomePod with Apple TV it mostly works but there are some drawbacks - 9to5Mac

However, every time I touch my iPad, it moves the AirPlay window to the front, blocking my presentation. Can I disable this feature anywhere? I have been using it and it works great, without any bugs, plus very user-friendly. I have this application on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

It works like a remote controller. I can stream media and mirror the screens I need. Thanks for the Troubleshooting tips. It would be great next time to include an explanation why I would do certain steps like for example reboot the router. I am trying to use the Facebook app and airplay a video from my 6s to my AppleTV. I can mirror my phone and get it to work.

I can airplay other video apps. I get audio but I never get video. The first suggestion is to delete the FB app and then reinstall it via the App Store.

The Solution

It works with my phone and iPad, but not with my computer.. I could not get my 1st gen apple tv to mirror picture. It would mirror sound fine. Click quit. My airplay worked just fine afterward. This happens after resetting the password of the user. Other users on the same machine have no problems with AirPlay Mirroring. Pinging the Apple TV also works, therefore connection is fine Ethernet. May someone can help? Guten Tag! Based on the information you provided, it sounds like the problem is something in your user account rather than the connection between your iMac and the Apple TV.

Since your ethernet connection is fine and other users are not having this problem on the same iMac using the same Apple TV, it points to a user issue. If there is a difference, there are some changes you can make like turning a managed account into a standard and others that unfortunately cannot be made like turning a managed account into an admin account. If the new account works, then the problem lies with your current user account. And most likely, it has something to do with resetting your password since you mentioned the problem occurred immediately after that.

Apple tv airplay no audio solution

Sadly, user account issues or corruption are often very difficult to tease out. We have an article outlining steps to take when user accounts stop behaving. But if the new account works, it may just be easier to use that new account than tackle fixing your problem account. Turn off airplay on volume control riser.

Then resume with lightning cable. This is 1 fix u need to revert to cable. I have iPhone 5s on iOS I used to be able to mirror my phone to tv via lightning connector and a cable. I had no problem doing so on iOS 9. Now when I connect via cable it says cannot connect to Apple TV even though the phone recognized the cable. I am looking for a solution to this problem and have not been able to fix yet.