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License Agreement. No Subscriptions! Zero-Knowledge Security Zero-Knowledge security means that the application developer or any other person knows nothing about your data. Password Generator Generate random, secure, yet memorable passwords with an advanced password generator tool. Automatic Data Import Import your passwords automatically from another password manager or browser using a free Desktop app.

Password Protected Google Spreadsheet.

Chrome Firefox Safari Opera Yandex. What People Say. David Thames. Claudia Theis. Scott Wood. A Google User. Dennis Kupperman. Pricing The licensed app can be installed on unlimited number of devices. Have a question? Look no more! There are answers to all frequently asked questions in the Knowledge Base. Suggest Feature. Language: Allows the natural functionality in KeePass to open and sync with URLs to work directly with online file providers. The KeeCloud plugin is only required when using online storage providers that aren't accessible using standard protocols. Authors: Shawn Casey , Mitch Capper.

Language: KeePassSync is a KeePass plugin that synchronizes your database using various online storage providers like e. Amazon's S3, DigitalBucket, This allows two or more computers to easily keep their data in sync. The KeePassSync plugin is only required when using online storage providers that aren't accessible using standard protocols.

Author: Danyal. Author: Koen Zomers. Language: This plugin allows synchronizing multiple local databases with multiple databases stored in OneDrive. Author: BluStor. CyberGate Password Vault is a credit-card sized computer with large Flash memory, communication over Bluetooth for storing passwords. Language: This utility allows scripting KeePass. For details, see the KeePass Scripting Documentation. Authors: Niki Hammler, Dominik Reichl. Language: When opening a database, this plugin automatically shows an on-screen keyboard for entering the master password.

This plugin runs on Windows and higher.

Unix-like systems are not supported. Author: Sebastian Schuberth.

Changing password in Google Drive

Language: This plugin can import Oubliette password database files. Language: This plugin can import text files that were exported by the 'PINs' password manager. For detailed instructions on how to migrate i. NET Framework 3. Author: Matt Young. Language: This plugin imports Password Minder data.

Author: Taco Plantinga. Language: This plugin can directly import Password Safe database files i. Supported Password Safe database file versions are 1, 2 and 3. The plugin imports titles, user names, passwords and notes from all versions. From 2 and 3, also groups are imported. Among other things, auto-type definitions are automatically converted to KeePass' syntax, and entry icons are guessed based on the entry's title. Download plugin: [1.

Author: Alex Zavadsky. Language: This plugin adds an import module for files created by Steganos Password Manager Language: Changes the appearance of KeePass and allows you to create your own custom themes. Note: KeePass supports all system themes including dark ones without a plugin.

The KeeTheme plugin is intended for changing KeePass' appearance independent of the active system theme. Language: This plugin removes duplicate entries from the currently opened database use the new menu command: 'Tools - Remove Duplicate Entries'. Entries are considered to be equal when the following fields are equal: title, user name, password, URL, notes.

The following fields are ignored, i. Entries in the 'Backup' group are ignored and will not be removed! Additionally, the plugin can remove empty groups menu command 'Tools - Remove Empty Groups'. XML files store all information group, entry times, icon index, attachments, KeePass can export the data to XML files by default i. Author: Alex Vallat.

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Author: Orange Applications for Business. Language: This plugin adds support for importing HashiCorp Vault data.

How to set up KeePassX for Mac

Author: Ivan Bagrintsev. Language: KeeForm is designed to open and scan a web site for input fields and fill them accordingly with a user name and password. Please note, this is done without any "auto-typing", therefore it is very safe to use: you don't need to be worried that your data could be accidentally typed into a different window.

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KeeForm comes with an easy-to-use installer. Author: Chris Tomlinson. Language: Kee adds free, secure and easy to use password management features to your web browser which save you time and keep your private data more secure. Kee connects your web browser to KeePass.

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Author: Perry Nguyen. Language: Extension allowing Firefox to form-fill passwords stored in KeePass. Author: Michael Nowak. Language: Extension allowing Safari to form-fill passwords stored in KeePass.