Diablo 3 multiplayer pc and mac

Now that they've given in once gamers won't give them peace until they yield for any game that could potentially get cross play.

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It's inevitable. Now let's get more Blizzard games on Switch. DonSerrot The PC version has no controller support. Now if they prove me wrong, then yeah.

More power to them. Bunkerneath heha, right. As long as we get cross play with Xbox, I'm happy. My brother has had the game for a year and I'll get the game to play with him on my Switch, even though I already own it on PC. I didn't really play this online with the PC version, but I figure the more companies willing to make this effort the better I wonder if it will have access to Battle.

I'm kinda wary of it ever since they announced that "we'll ban you for posts on social media" policy.


This is good for those of us wanting crossplay to become the standard. These games are already multiplatform, restricting multiplayer is just an old hat way of doing things that needs to die.

Diablo 3 - Gameplay - Trailer - PC/Mac

DonSerrot "There's nothing stopping PC [from breing cross-platform] In the case of Diablo 3, the PC and console versions are effectively different games with radically different control schemes and some notable differences in gameplay features. That's why D3 will never have cross-platform play between PC and console probably. Now that everyone's warming up to the idea of cross play, maybe Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will collaborate to create the ulitmate gaming machine- the SwitchBoxStation.

I would love the option to get a discount if you already own the game on another system. Cross-play sounds great! Seriously Nintendo!?

Diablo III

Love how Sony did a massive policy shift and yet people still act like they won't join in. It's pathetic that no one was vocal about this last gen but oh well.

Good Cross-PlatForm (PC, Mac) Diablo-like Multiplayer game? :: Steam for Mac

If they are putting this much effort into the game after all these years there must be another expansion coming to D3 with the Druid. DonSerrot I doubt Blizzard would implement cross play between the PC and console versions, because there are too many differences between the PC and console versions. However the different console versions are all essentially the same gameplay-wise, so it makes sense to support cross play among console versions. DonSerrot Unfortunately there is everything stopping PC, the content and gameplay is different between the two to make them incompatible.

The special features are what will keep each system different. Its how each console or pc will compete with each other. This one will have this this one this or I can do this here and not here. Its really quite strategic to do it this way because in reality it is no different then making a player class and then altering it a little and having two different types of the same class.

Check the Frame Rate (FPS) in Diablo 3

Dirty I'm gonna be realistic and say it will only be Switch and Microsoft. Sony has weird a policy with cross play and PC is hit or miss. Yea Sony will be like pulling teeth but if they caved on epic I'm sure they will blizzard as well. It might be the last one on board but if xbox Nintendo and PC all do it Sony will be pretty much forced to in my opinion.


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Like you not getting my hopes up but am interested I'm seeing what special features they will implement with each system. I'm currently on Act 2 and am on level I have tried asking people in chat, they tell me that I have to level up then I will be able to play with other people. Here is another question, what level is the best to find a game in Diablo 3 multiplayer?.

I asked people in Diablo 3 chat and they said to go in game settings and then select the difficulty then I will join a game with other players, but I still join a game with no one playing. I also would like to know why when i'm in game settings It always shows 0 players playing, why is it like that?. If this is the screen, you may not be selecting a Public game because i think the default is a Private game where only friends and clan members can join you.

If you pick public, you will join a game.

Blizzard is actively working on Diablo 3 cross-platform play [UPDATE]

You can also make a game private game and then switch it to public by hitting the escape key and changing your game's settings. The number of other players playing is listed in the middle column and you should be able to join one of their games. The problem, however, is that since Diablo 3 has been around for some time, theres alot of things that has caused the player base to split into many segments. In other words, after narrowing down the list of available players from regular and seasonal, playing the same difficulty that you are, playing the same mode adventure or campaign , playing normal or hardcore as you, and happen to be around your same level; you are limited to a fairly small pool of players - until you get to level 70 where you'll find many more players.