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By exploiting that mechanism, a user named "MacEFIRom" was able to develop scripts to force older, Mac Pros to accept a firmware update intended for the Mac Pros. That firmware enables a Mac Pro to act and operate just like the Mac Pro. The firmware enables three main features for Mac Pro users.

Perhaps of primary interest is that users will be able to install 32nm Westmere Xeons, including six-core variants used in the high-end Mac Pro, into their older machine. A source who applied the firmware update told Ars that Westmere CPUs are identified with "B1" stepping in the identification code.

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Even if you didn't plan to upgrade the CPU, though, there are other benefits. The firmware trick works because Nehalem and Westmere Xeons use same chipsets and sockets. As we noted in our review of the dodeca-core Mac Pro, the internals are no different form that of the octo-core Mac Pro we reviewed in Apple seems to have merely tweaked the firmware and offered new CPU options for While several users have applied the firmware hack with success, there are a few caveats to note if you plan to do it yourself.

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Apple does not consider the CPU in any of its machines to be a user-serviceable part; swapping it will void AppleCare, and so will applying an unsupported firmware update. The tool that MacEFIRom released allows users to revert an upgraded Mac Pro to the original firmware, so it's possible to undo the hack before taking it in for service. Unusual, but it's under warranty and I assume they want to know what's wrong before shipping this monster in for a depot repair. I'm getting the first two red lights on the logic board lit. Maybe Oldturkey can put me on to the manuel.

As usual, you've come through for me like a champ. I'd really like to meet you sometime. Men of integrity are a rare commodity.

If you own a 2009 Mac Pro and are jealous that 2010 Mac Pro owners can use 6- …

The Service Source is great and I'm taking photos for a guide. Fan problem, but due to the run away fans I already guessed that.

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The senior rep at Apple said he didn't have those codes. I already gave him my diagnostic which is not covered under warranty. A dog lifted a leg into the fan. So Apple is done with me. The customer liked me a lot and gave me the machine.

Upgrading and Analyzing Apple's Nehalem Mac Pro

Dual 2. Hopefully, all it is is the lower front fan.

Unboxing: Mac Pro (2009 Nehalem 8-Core)

I'm tearing down the lower part and will use the liquid damage guide to clean up the light sprinkling. Originally the machine would not boot. The fans continue to race.

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I didn't think to check to see if just one processor was running. Ideas arewelcomed. Hi, I know this thread is old, but I have the same problem as mayer, and the link you posted oldturkey is down.