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Once you have installed the driver, you can then connect the printer, add it to your System Preferences, and configure its settings.


Download the driver from the Citizen Support Page onto your printer workstation. Open the zip file and then open the driver disk image, ctzcls-cups Open the installer ctzcls-cups Once installed, choose Move to Trash to place the installer into the trash. If this option is not visible, choose Select Software from the Use menu. Click the Administration drop-down and choose Set Default Options. Click the Maintenance drop-down and and select Print Test Page to create a test label.

Two labels will advance before your test label prints.

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This happens as the printer calibrates to ensure the label roll is installed properly. Before connecting your Citizen CL-S printer to your Mac printer workstation, you'll need to download the correct driver. A significant feature of this larger, industrial unit is the peeler or dispenser. This benefit expedites the labeling process for large-scale operations when shipping batches or multiple shipments. When you print labels, instead of coming out in one long continuous sheet, they come out one at a time.

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  • As each prints, the peeler separates the label from its adhesive-protection backing. Click the Maintenance drop-down and select Print Test Page to create a test label. Set the printer setting to Tear , otherwise the label top will tear off:. Whether a standard desktop printer is "plug and play" with your Mac will depend on the make and model of the printer, if the printer requires a driver, and if that driver is pre-installed on your Mac or not.

    The setup procedure below will indicate at what point you may need to install a driver for your device. Select your printer from the list of printers in the Add pop-up screen. Check the Use drop-down menu to see if your Mac has auto selected the correct driver. If the name of the driver does not match the model of your printer, you may need to install a printer driver before proceeding. Check the documentation for your make and model of printer on the manufacturer's website, then download and install the correct driver for your printer. Once installed, your Mac should then auto select the correct driver in the Add pop-up screen.

    Your standard printer is now added and ready to use.

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    In most cases, the default settings do not need to be adjusted on standard printers to accommodate printing in ShipStation. If you want to check and adjust the printer defaults for your standard printers, you should do so through the Mac CUPS option. Your next step is to ensure your ShipStation label format is set correctly. Review the ShipStation Print Settings article for details.

    Set up your thermal printer with Hiboutik POS on Mac

    It is the Mac OS method for managing print jobs and printing preferences. If your standard desktop printer contains multiple trays, you can add another instance of your printer to your printer workstation System Preferences and use CUPS to assign a specific tray to each instance.

    In this way you can use different types of paper for different documents and set ShipStation to automatically print selected documents with the paper used in each tray. For example, in tray one you might use Avery half-sheet labels to print 2 labels per page and in tray two use standard letter or A4-sized paper to print your packing slips. Or you may have ShipStation integrated labels in tray one to print the label and packing slip for a shipment on a single sheet, and a different color of standard paper in tray two to print pick lists.

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    Add another instance of your printer to your System Preferences. Assign a tray to each instance using CUPS. Name each instance of the printer optional. A message should appear that states " Printer Name already exists. Would you like to create a new printer? The second instance of your printer should appear in the printer list with the number 2 after it. Next, you'll access CUPS and assign trays to each instance of the printer. CUPS is the term used for the printer configuration settings on a Mac which you access through a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

    Click the Media Source drop-down menu and select which tray you wish to assign to this instance of your printer. Each instance of the printer will appear in ShipStation and other apps you print from as a unique printer. You may want to customize the names of the printers so it is more obvious to your warehouse staff which printer is which. Click the Administration drop-down menu and choose Modify Printer. The following screen displays your connections to your local and network printer.

    Do not make any changes here.

    Apple Mac OS X Printer Setup Guide

    Enter your custom name into the Description field. You can also enter a location for the printer in the Location field. Click Continue , then click Modify Printer on the next screen without making any additional changes.

    UPDATED SETUP Arkscan 2054A thermal label printer on Mac Apple Computer (hardware & driver config)

    Repeat the above steps for any printer you wish to rename. The printer workstation is the computer your printers are physically attached to via USB.

    Wiki - Setting Up A Raw Printer in OSX

    ShipStation Connect must be installed and running on the printer workstation but not on non-printer workstations in order to print documents via ShipStation Connect. Download the appropriate printer driver this step is not necessary for all printer models. Zebra Label Printers. Special Zebra Drivers Zebra printers provided by your carrier for example, UPS or FedEx may require custom drivers, which should be provided by the carrier representative.

    Open your internet browser i. Open the Terminal applications on your Mac. Set Default Zebra Options.

    Click the name of the Zebra printer you wish to edit. Note: Now requires OS X This demonstration version works exactly like the real application in all respects except one. It prints Peninsula Demo Driver across the labels. For a list of compatible printers, please view this page , if your printer is not listed please contact us to check compatibility. Note: The price reflected is for that for one computer. View full pricing info. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in with Facebook or.

    Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. Mac Thermal Printer Driver Thermal-printer driver with network features. The drivers work with all versions of OS X after Adjustable Extraction Settings to allow you to print shipping labels with ease More Now fully compatible with macOS Similar Software.