Blender tutorial for beginners mac

The resources available on the web are incredible and you can actually learn how to use the program by following some tutorials developed by other people.

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Your objective for this project is to complete some Blender tutorials and present them to the classroom. You will introduce yourself to this program to begin to learn about how 3D modeling and animation programs work.

Getting Started

The first step is to install Blender onto the computer you are using. Your teacher can assist you with installing the program if you need assistance or passwords.

You want to download the proper version of Blender for your computer: Blender 2. These resources will help you to understand the Blender workspace and the basics of the program. For your project you will select two of the Blender Tutorials and follow both of them from start to finish.

If you enjoyed the project you should continue to use Blender so you can learn more about it.

Blender Tutorial: Beginner’s Guide to Blender

Grading Rubric: A- You successfully completed both tutorials from start to finish. You can share your finished project with your teacher and explain the tutorial and what you accomplished in following the tutorial. B- You may have completed one tutorial but not both. You are not able to clearly explain what you accomplished. Visit the Blender site here to download your own version of the software to follow along. Blender is available as a free download for a variety of different operating systems including Mac and Windows.

Blender Beginner Tutorial - GETTING STARTED

As a Mac user I found that it takes a little extra setting up so to help other Mac users I've put together this short introduction. Download the Blender file and install it in the usual way. I'm using version 2.

3D Render and Render Passes - Affinity on Desktop Questions (Mac and Windows) - Affinity | Forum

Start up Blender. Because the Mac comes as standard with a single button mouse there are a few extra steps that need to be taken compared to the Windows version. These steps will only need to be followed once. Select the Emulate Numpad check box. Click 'Save As Default' at the bottom of the window to save your new preferences.

Creative Coding in Blender: A Primer

Blender is now set up for use on the Mac. When you first start up the program you are presented with a default cube in the centre of the screen. Try the commands below to get an idea of how to move your viewpoint around the object and create new objects. Move side to side. G to grab an object which you can them move round the screen.

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