Moving fish tank screensaver for mac

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Desktop Aquarium 3D for Mac

All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. Showing of 22 reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This screensaver allows you to have your very own aquarium without the fuss. It may be a simple screensaver but it does so much more and allows you control over what it looks like.

You can customise the number of fish in your aquarium which in a geeky way I found really fun! There's even a list of all the different types of fish so if you're a real fishy person then you can identify them. There's also a bit of blurb about each fish in your options menu and you can rate each fish which is a little weird but what the hey!

The aquarium comes with one standard piece of music but only for Windows as far as I can see.

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With a Mac, you can choose either the bubble sounds or you can have your itunes playing either the entire playlist or songs of your choice. This is fine but it's a bit jarring when you've got a lovely, peaceful aquarium and then some pounding rock music comes on. I would have liked to be able to have the nice, soothing music as standard on both Mac and PC.

You can have a wee rock in the bottom of the tank which you can have as a clock or a picture. Again, you're able to customise with a picture of your own but as with the music, it's a bit bizarre to see pictures of your family on a rock in a fish tank. Other changes you can make include lighting, bubbles and sounds.

You're asked, as with most software to register which gives you tech support, discounts and upgrades. It's not essential but it takes only a minute. I installed this on both my Mac and on my Windows machine at work and both were really simple to install. Having had a read through of the User Guide which is neither long or overly boring!

The pictures were excellent quality and the whole thing was nice and relaxing to see. The fish swim realistically too which is a bonus! Just make sure you're not desperate before you put the bubble sounds on though!

All in all, I really liked this product - it's interesting to use, fun to look at and the graphics quality is really good too. There was a problem loading the comments at the moment. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Ralph S Bacon. I was looking forward to the most recent fish screen-saver and I am, without reservation, impressed with the quality and realism of the aquarium.

Even better is that multiple monitors are properly supported with seamless swimming from one to the other.


There are a huge number of fish and fish-like creatures to select or have them randomly appear. All-in-all a very good product, even if it doesn't appear to have introduced any new features in the last few years. However, this product concentrates on realism "in the wild", so to speak so I shall have to make to with that! For newcomers to the world of aquarium screen savers, this is the best.

For seasoned owners check that there is enough here compared to your existing product. I haven't been able to test the multi-screen functionality - I can see that would be fun. This is a fun piece of software, producing very pretty aquarium simulations. It is far more effective than "minesweeper" as being a productivity killer I don't think it sets out to have any purpose beyond entertainment and it is entertaining. But then, I didn't pay for it From a save the planet perspective y'know: real fish and stuff the single CD-ROM is packaged in an amazing quantity of material, which is a bit of a shame.

It has been a long time since I have had virtual fish as a screensaver almost two decades by my reckoning so I was keen to see what was the state of the art in modern times. The Marine Aquarium program comes in a DVD sized cardboard box which contains further plastic and cardboard bracing but in the end just a single DVD in a paper sleeve with the product key printed on it which seemed like quite an excessive amount of packaging, especially once you factor in the additional sleeve which Amazon add to ship it in - perhaps fair enough if it needs to stand out on a shelf in a physical store but surely could be reduced to just a robust cardboard sleeve big enough to carry the DVD such as companies like lovefilm use.

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There is no printed manual or instructions, but inserting the DVD into my modern Windows 7 laptop and clicking on the default "run setup" option led me to a smooth and fast installation process. Following installation you need to be aware of the fact that the program does not automatically run. Nor will you find it as an application in your start menu. Rather, it appears in the screen saver control panel applet on Windows 7 click on the Windows icon button, type "screen saver" in the search box and chose "Change Screen Saver" as an entry in the drop-down screen saver selection box.

Now you have the ability to "preview" the aquarium or to set up your "settings If you have accelerated 3D graphics which is almost certain in any vaguely modern PC then the program automatically detects and uses this - displaying itself at 64bit x resolution on my 17 inch screen flawlessly. Even the dappled light which plays across the scene is gorgeous and, with the very realistic water effects, you can almost believe you are looking at a real aquarium. You must lovingly feed and care for your fish or they will get sick and die! The aim of the game is to own the ultimate aquarium Mechanical Clock : If you love mechanical clocks and watches then this screensaver is for you.

My Fish 3D Virtual Aquarium

It's a highly-detailed, chiming mechanical clock that displays a fully-working, mechanism. Digital Clock : An amazing close-up view inside an extraordinary multi-module digital clock that almost gives the viewer the impression of being inside one of the vast Krell machines from Forbidden Planet! The clock contains complex wiring looms and circuit boards with detailed electrical components and vertical rails along which modules containing different types of digital clock technology are raised and lowered.

The hour, minute and seconds modules can even be mixed and matched. Water Clock : A water-driven clock with a highly-detailed, fully-working mechanism. The lighting on this screensaver changes throughout the day to match dawn, daytime, dusk and night time. As night falls the clock is subtly illuminated and fireflies flicker around the dial. Ice Clock : A mysterious chiming clock made from blocks of ice floating in a running stream.

If you watch closely you will spot Koi Carp swimming underneath. A gnarled old tree stands in the middle of a forest clearing. A live cuckoo pops out of one of the cuckoo clocks on the hour and half-hour to signal the time.

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From dawn through to dusk the sun moves across the sky and birds can be heard singing in the tree and the surrounding forest. As day turns to dusk, lanterns in the tree are lit and the clock dials become illuminated. As night falls, the moon rises and the birdsong is replaced by the howling of wolves from deep within the forest!

Very atmospheric. Strangely, despite being inundated with all that corrosive salt water and seaweed, the clock is still working perfectly! Clock Tower : A marvellously architected clock tower standing in the centre of a city with the constant murmur and hubbub of the townspeople below punctuated by the chiming of the bells in the clock tower. This is another beautifully-lit screensaver where dawn gradually changes to dusk in real time. The Lost Watch : A careless traveller has a hole in his pocket and has dropped this charming pocket watch and some spare change in a stream!

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The watch is still running so he can't be too far away! He really should learn to be more careful! Clockblock : Very similar to Yugo Nakamura's hand-written clock incorporated in the AJ Screensaver above this one is, I think, by the same author and illustrates time by creating towers from building blocks. Crazy Screen : This screensaver mimics the early digital watches in which hours, minutes and seconds are displayed on rotating discs viewed through a window. Drop Clock : One of my favourites, this clock is more a work of art than a screensaver.

High-speed slow motion photography has been used to show numerals representing the time falling into water, creating splashes on the surface, and sinking slowly to the bottom. Fliqlo Digital Desk Clock : This screensaver accurately mimics an old style digital desk clock where the printed numbers flip over. Requires Microsoft. NET Framework 2.

Russell was programmed in BBC Basic.