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If everyone leaves, except one person, their cup will therefore be able to take all the water from the sprinkler and the experience will be better. We spend a lot of time managing this, if we see we need bigger pipes in a specific location. Click on AlwaysOn and it will connect. Then open your browser and you will be directed to the AlwaysOn Dashboard when you search. Registering an account allows you to use a single account for all our services.

An account will allow you to see your purchase history, usage history and control how your services work to fine tune them to work how you like to work. All this will be done from one place, the AlwaysOn Dashboard. In addition, it allows you to use our App, the App allows you to use the dashboard from your mobile so you are always in control.

You just walk into any of our WiFi Zones and your devices will just connect in the back ground … Just like magic. When registering your new account you will be asked to provide some contact details. These details are not distributed to any third party companies; this would be a shocker and we are legally bound to ensure this does not happen.

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In addition, we are required by law to have the details of the people who use our services, like how you have to RICA your sim card. This is to ensure people do not use our network to do bad things. As a new user, there are two simple ways to create a new account. Any of these will allow you to go through the Account Creation Process. The Dashboard is a central place for you to manage all your AlwaysOn needs, from viewing your current vouchers and their available balance to checking your purchase history and even viewing your historical usage.

You can also do top-ups from the Dashboard. You will be prompted for the email address or the cellphone number that you used when registering.

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With this pin you can change your password on the AlwaysOn landing page. There is a section in the dashboard under the Menu where you can link existing usernames and password to your new account. You will still need to register each device on the Complimentary access as before, but now it will display as an available option in your dashboard. You can simply go to the following URL to retrieve the dashboard.

When logged in, there is a Menu where you can access all your profile details. This includes your usage and purchase History. No, not at the same time, we are working towards this. You can use one package on different devices but just not login at the same time.

Super WiFi, on the other hand, is WiFi on steroids. This means you are in a super strong WiFi location that has big fibre pipes for high speed and good quality connection. Super WiFi Hotspots will give you the best WiFi experience and are geared up for high definition quality and high volumes of use. With Super WiFi you can watch videos, download apps and do all the cool things that need high speed connection, without draining your personal data.

Take a seat, things are about to get fast! This is our broad network which covers most locations.

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Browser WiFi is best used for general Internet browsing and for checking e-mails and social media. Browser WiFi is not intended for downloading massive files and videos. Alternatively you can use the Hotspot Finder. If, however, you need to use a lot of data to download something like a movie, or spend more than 30 minutes online, you will need to pay for it.

Sounds expensive, right? Not so. AlwaysOn is internet connectivity provided by our public WiFi Hotspot areas. Your phone, laptop or tablet is a cup, and when you are connected to AlwaysOn WiFi, you are essentially standing in the spray area catching water in a cup. Simple as that! We need to stress that you can only connect to the AlwaysOn network, and use your prepaid card, when you are in an AlwaysOn Hotspot. Click here to find your nearest hotspot: AlwaysOn Hotspot Finder. You need to select the AlwaysOn network and then go to our Hotspot Finder on the site.

For now, at selected Pick n Pay Stores nationwide. To find your nearest Pick n Pay Store stocking our cards, click here. R Sorry, no refunds.


Waveriders, tourists, and longtime locals alike are drawn to this tropical outpost for some of the hemisphere's best surf and sunsets. At this beachfront bar and restaurant, the horizon stretches to infinity, while the classically prepared mojitos -- featuring a local rum you may or may not have heard of called Bacardi -- are the perfect cure to the ills of the world.

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It's a place to gorge yourself at pancake houses and seafood buffets , ride go-carts at breakneck speeds, and play the best darn mini golf of your life, over and over. Of course, there's also the sprawling, beige-sanded beach, anchored by a mile-long boardwalk that transports you back to the midth century era of beachfront amusements. Art Burger Sushi Bar manages to please an array of palates with a dozen burgers, generously proportioned rolls and steaming-cold cocktails infused with nitrogen.

At the boardwalk's north end, Pier 14 packs an oyster po'boy that's worthy of its oceanfront view. Don't leave without: Dancing the shag, the South Carolina state dance that originated here. The best shag clubs we like Fat Harold's are in North Myrtle Beach, where the beach music flows until after midnight as an all-ages crowd spins across the dancefloor.

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There are plenty of hotels, but the picturesque pastel-colored rental homes with white Bahama shutters and white picket fences will captivate you. Pop in at a dive bar Huc A Poos, Tybee Time or the Sand Bar , grab a beer, and chat up a local, who will probably be eager to tell you all about the town or nearby Fort Pulaski , a Civil War monument you can explore on bike or foot.

Want something a little more sophisticated? Locals stop by Sunrise Restaurant for its budget-friendly diner fare. Think all the pancakes, sunny-side up eggs and bacon you need to fuel up for a day in the sun. The American Riviera is getting its groove back after recent wildfires and mudslides, as swanky new hotels and restaurants pop up everywhere in this luxurious-yet-homey city.

The palm tree-lined coast has a Mediterranean flair, and a magnificent backdrop of scenic mountains and crystal blue waters. Summertime in Maine is a bit like eating a lobster dinner. Enter Ogunquit, located right off Route 1 in the state's southern corridor, a sweet spot that often gifts balmy Indian summers. Folly's waves are known for their steep drops, drawing surfers from around the state to the island's "Washout" break. To lose the crowds, both ends of Folly are nature preserves that harbor endangered seabirds, loggerhead turtles, and bottlenose dolphins aplenty.


If you've got the stamina to hoof it a half mile beyond where the road ends, the 19th-century, candy cane Morris Island Lighthouse emerges directly from the surf at the island's east end. Its namesake island has largely eroded, providing one of Charleston's most iconic views. By late afternoon, migrate to Surf Bar , where you'll find friendly locals stretched out on the porch with a signature Painkiller cocktail in hand, complete with fresh grated nutmeg over the cool amalgam of pineapple, coconut and spiced rum.

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Don't leave without: Walking 1, feet out over the ocean on the Folly Beach Pier note: it'll be closed for renovations over winter Grab a cocktail from the open-air bar for the stroll or rent a fishing rod and bait from the onsite tackle shop. A historic plantation village turned surf town on the North Shore, Paia is, well, everything a tiny Hawaiian surf town should be: funky, bohemian, blissfully free of gigantic resorts and over-priced tourist traps.

Most visitors breeze through town on the way to Hana , but sticking around for a night or two at the Paia Inn , mere steps from the sandy shore, has its rewards.